SXSW Guest Pass FAQ

What is the SXSW Guest Pass?

The SXSW Guest Pass is a free credential that's good for admission to Digital Creative Job Market, Gaming Expo, Outdoor Stage at Butler Park, Flatstock 43, and Music Gear Expo. Guest Pass holders are invited to Get On The List at to be entered to win prizes and be invited to events throughout SXSWeek.

How much does the Guest Pass cost?

The Guest Pass is free.

Where can I get a Guest Pass?

Austin-area residents can pick up a free Guest Pass between February 13th and March 15th at participating Whole Foods Market, Oat Willie's, Spec's, Game Over Videogames, and Waterloo Records locations.

Guest Passes will also be available for free at the doors of Digital Creative Job Market, Gaming Expo, Outdoor Stage at Butler Park, Flatstock 43, and Music Gear Expo.

Why should I pick up my Guest Pass early if I can get it at the Guest Pass event I'm planning to attend?

Picking up your Guest Pass early means you have more chances to win. The first prize giveaway is Monday, February 17th.

What does it mean to Get On The List?

After you get a Guest Pass, you can Get On The List at This means you're entered to win prizes and you are on the list for free event invitations throughout SXSW. By Getting On The List you agree to the terms and privacy policy.

Can I Get On The List without a Guest Pass?

You cannot get on the list without a Guest Pass.

I'm trying to get on the list, but can't find my Guest Pass ID. Where is it?

The Guest Pass ID is an alphanumeric code printed on your Guest Pass wristband. The ID begins with "GP" and is printed next to the QR code.

I already have a Badge/Wristband, do I need a Guest Pass?

A Guest Pass is not necessary for SXSW Badge or Wristband holders. All prize giveaways are available to Badges/Wristbands. Likewise, all Guest Pass events are open to Badges/Wristbands.

Can I pick up a Guest Pass for my friend?

You can pick up an extra Guest Pass for a friend at any of the retail distribution outlets or on-site at the five main SXSW Guest Pass events.

How old do I have to be to get a Guest Pass?

Guest Passes are available to everyone, but individual events and prize giveaways are subject to age restrictions.

I don't live in Austin, can I still get a Guest Pass?

You're not required to live in Austin to get a Guest Pass, but advance pickup of Guest Passes is limited to Austin-area retailers only. SXSW will be distributing Guest Passes on-site at the doors of SXSW Gaming Expo, Digital Creative Job Market, Flatstock 43, Music Gear Expo, Renegade Craft Fair: SXSW Edition, and SXSW Outdoor Stage at Butler Park.

Will SXSW mail a Guest Pass to me?

We cannot mail Guest Passes. They are available for pickup in Austin in advance at participating retail locations or on-site at SXSW at the above listed Guest Pass events.

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